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Trips und Träume Rercords: “After thrilling 10″split with Black Land, and experienced with tons of live perfomances over all Italy and Europe, vesuvians Kill The Easter Rabbit are now ready to spit out their first full lenght album. Inspired by the philosophical concept of primordial restoration, KTER really offer a very impressive work. Sharp-edged guitar riffs combined with strong bass lines, hammering drums and powerful vocals that very well learn from Black Sabbath (Autosuggestion) and Kyuss (Lost in Desert) among the others, make Apokatastasis a real gem in the doom / desert rock pot. These guys are on the high road! Apokatastasis comes on 8 tracks cd version plus an extensive full-lyrics booklet enriched with line visions of artist Roberto Toderico.


1. Apokatastasis
2. Oath Of Tetraktys
3. Autosuggestion
4. Blind King
5. Twilight Of The Idols
6. Lost In Desert
7. The Waste At Dawn
8. Silent Hour



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Trips und Träume Records, Kill the Easter Rabbit and Black Land are proud to announce the release of the split vinyl on 10”!
You can listen to the sample on our myspace (www.myspace.com/killtheeasterrabbit), and buy your vinyl copy with paypal payment.
300 copies limited press.
200 black vinyl.
100 goldwax vinyl.

Here Again

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On the 10th July we have finally announced the official coming of the new drummer, Watt69. He partially changed the Kill the Easter Rabbit’s attitude and style, and we looked forward to announceing that we’ll be in tour in Italy with our brothers Teverts in December (after 3 months of inactivity), and after that we’ll finally start to record the new songs for our full-lenght, soon we’ll announce the date.

We published the Photosession 2008 by Francesca De Caro, an emergent neapolitan photographer; you can see that here (soon) or on our myspace.

This is the new and official network of the heavy death rabbit, so check this out!
Stay heavy, Stay loud, Stay Doomed!